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Reasonable Customer Expectations

Job will start on tentative day as planned or a proper notice given.

All items close to house will be moved away before job begins such as hanging plants, lawn chairs, or other items to protect them from damage or objects interfering with accessibility such as log piles next to home, trash cans, etc.

Care will be taken not to damage flowers and plants arranged in path of work area. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid stepping in floral areas where gardens are thick and tight to house. This will be discussed beforehand if it appears to be a problem.

Flowers and shrubs will be rinsed as powerwash advances around home. The use of plastic is not advised in these cases because of terrarium effect. ​Tarps are not normally used because of weight-bearing damage, but special consideration will be given at homeowner’s request to plantings or surroundings that have a sensitive nature.

Sidewalks, roofs and driveways will be rinsed thoroughly of soap and paint chips. Bottles from products used on job will be collected at end of day and not left cluttering the yard.

Dirt and mildew will be removed from all surfaces contracted to be washed, except where a damaged finish will result, such as on old aluminum homes, where heavy chalk removal might leave an uneven appearance or in instances such as on a cedar-sided home, where stripping might be required and restaining would be needed to restore a quality appearance. If restaining or painting is required, this will be brought to your attention as a possibility and contracted as an option.

On larger jobs, equipment may need to remain on property over night. This will be discussed for customer convenience.