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Reasonable Accurate Powerwashing Expectations

Before powerwash begins, all windows must be shut. If you have questions or concerns with leaky faucets, windows, cellar doors, etc., report these before we begin.

Outside water must be turned on. Let us know if you have a specific faucet you would prefer us to use. Special circumstances may be required for farms or rural areas that have well water or low water pressure.

Accurate Powerwashing routinely cleans all exterior glass as a curtesy service—to reduce any potential hard water spots or streaking from residual dripping—leaving you with clean windows as well as a clean home. We take every precaution to reduce hard water spots, but some cases may not remove water spots completely, if hard water is severe. Separate charges may be needed to meet your standard. Windows that need to be rid of all water spots might result in these extra charges and will be charged by the hour. Windows are cleaned for surface dirt and soap splatter. Anything beyond that such as old paint splatter, etc. must be discussed before powerwash begins. All exterior glass must be accessible or omitted and must be pro-rated if separate window cleaning services are elected at the time of estimate. All screens must be removed before or at the time of the powerwash by homeowner unless contracted otherwise.

Additional work may be added at anytime either during or before powerwash begins.

Potted flowers or plants are always moved to a safe distance from home by Accurate Powerwashing. Window boxes with flowers should be discussed. If you have concerns, plants may be covered or removed.

If there are wood piles, boats or automobiles next to home or areas you would like us to avoid, please let us know. Cars in driveways should be back 10-15 ft. from garage door.

Weak or breached thermal window panes must be discussed before pressure washing job begins. Accurate Powerwashing always treats window thermal panes with low pressure and delicate consideration. Accurate Powerwashing assumes no responsibility for breached, weak or failed thermal window panes.

Underground parking garages must have adequate drains or sump pumps. Personal items must be covered or removed. We will do our best to accommodate circumstances where garage owner could not be contacted.

Customer should be home at end of powerwash for billing purposes or make payment arrangement prior to completion of the powerwash. Payment is due upon completion of the powerwash.

We look forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have concerning your project. Feel free to call us directly at 608-516-8055 (ask for Mike). If not available, please leave a time that is convenient to return your call. You can also leave a message at 608-825-3243.